Wellmaxx Phase2 solution concentrates SHINE 7x1ml

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Wellmaxx Phase 2 - SHINE solution concentrates in ampoules 7 x 1ml (concentrate for skin irradiation and melanin prevention - balanced skin)

The concentrates contain a combination of low molecular weight, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid in crosslinked form, which is the market leader in the cosmetics industry.

Thus, hyaluronic acid has a 50-fold higher water-binding capacity than natural hyaluronic acid and retains 5 times more moisture than the natural form after 24 hours.

Active substances

  • complex with hyaluronic acid
  • stabilized vitamin C
  • albatin TM
  • almond oil


  • for reducing melanin formation (prevention and reduction of pigment spots)
  • to improve skin hydration
  • for brightening and revitalizing the skin
  • to improve skin balance (optimally balanced skin)
  • What improvements are made using this hyaluronic acid complex? increase skin elasticity by 21.6 percent + reduction of wrinkle depth by 24.4 percent