Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 - cosmetics set 2 (Hyaluron gel, Collagen Booster serum, eye gel, moisturizer cream)

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Try Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 for the first time on sale! The set contains Hyaluron gel, Hyaluron serum, Hyaluron eye gel and Hyaluron cream. The first three are also suitable under the skin devices. More

Why choose Wellmaxx Hyaluron5?

  • cosmetic line that hydrates the skin
  • 5 species of hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 2000 kDa; 1500 kDa-1800 kDa; 5-300 kDa
  • even better penetration into the skin and development of volume across the tissues of the skin
  • Hyaluron 5x can be found in the entire product line


  • Hyaluron serum 15ml
  • Hyaluon gel 15ml
  • Hyaluron eye gel 5ml
  • Hyaluron cream 15ml

In the package you will find:

1. Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 Collagen Booster serum concentrate silk serum 15ml

Collagen for collagen recovery.

The unique formula of hyaluronic acid, enriched with highly effective tripeptides, stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, supports its elasticity and provides better density. The contours look incomparably firmer, the skin is very nourished and the skin looks more impressive, smoother and more even. Stable fiber supporting collagen is the secret of youthful looking skin.

A unique composition that helps stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Active substances:

  • 5-fold hyaluronic acid
  • Syn®-Coll (biomimetic peptide)
  • Vitamin E

2. Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 moist intense gel concentrate hyaluron gel 15ml

Hydration Booster - the perfect hydrant - perfume-free is full of long and short chain hyaluronic acid in high concentrations that help intensely hydrate your skin - a particularly beneficial anti-wrinkle gel concentrate hydrates dry skin and compensates for skin imperfections. The ultralight gel texture gives a beautiful feeling of freshness and gives the skin the feeling that it is again "plump" and full as it was years ago. Fine wrinkles and lines are reduced and your skin looks more impressive, smoother and firmer.

A highly concentrated, odorless moisture booster leaves your skin taut.

Active substances:

  • 5-fold hyaluronic acid
  • Panthenol
  • AquaxylTM hydrosystem

3. Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 perfect eye gel concentrate eye gel 5ml

Light up your skin.

All moisturizing preparations of the Hyaluron5 series, whether liquid, cream or gel, have optimally balanced lipid components. And for each of the products, a high level of application comfort is a matter of course.

perfect eye gel concentrate - gel concentrate for the eye area 5ml

Let your eyes shine. This ultra-gentle refreshing gel softens thin and mimic wrinkles and perfectly helps your delicate skin around the eyes to recover quickly. Thanks to its unique composition, this concentrate is perfectly absorbed, thus ensuring effective hydration and intensively supporting the skin's ability to regenerate and soothe - without feeling greasy or strained. The area around your eyes will look noticeably more relaxed, smoother, firmer and more flexible.

Particularly gentle and wonderfully refreshing care for the eye area with 5-fold hyaluronic acid.

Important ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid, 5 types
  • Proteasyl®
  • AquaxylTM hydrosystem
  • Eyelash extract

4. Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 day & night cream rich face cream 15ml

Experience how your dry and dehydrated skin gets spectacular radiation day and night. Thanks to its innovative composition, the cream with particularly rich lipids and nutrients leaves the skin feeling firm and regenerated. It feels healthy and relaxed and looks optimally soft. The gently dissolving care gives the skin significantly more suppleness, the feeling of tension disappears and gives the skin a feeling of well-being for 24 hours.

Rich and pampering 24-hour care helps reduce visible signs of skin aging.

It is also suitable for extremely dry skin.

Active substances:

  • 5-fold hyaluronic acid
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E.
  • Proteasyl ®
  • AquaxylTM hydrosystem
  • Shea butter