Vitamin C 500mg, 60cps

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A nutritional supplement containing vitamin C, which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. It has excellent antioxidant effects and accelerates the production of enzymes needed for the proper function of the endocrine system. More


BRAND: Adelle Davis
SHELF LIFE: 24 months from the date of manufacture
FORM: capsules
CONTENTS: 60 capsules / 60 daily doses
MADE IN: Slovakia, EU
COMPOSITION: L-ascorbic acid, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), HPMC capsule
SOURCE OF ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: L-ascorbic acid produced naturally from maize
DOSAGE: Adults: 1 x 1 capsule daily (500 mg vitamin C)
Children from 6 years: 1 x 1 capsule daily (500 mg of vitamin C)
Suitable for vegans: yes
No genetically modified substances: yes
Gluten free: yes

Vitamin C is a substance without which our body cannot function normally (in extreme deficiency it would even die), but it cannot create it on its own. He must therefore receive it from outside. The source of vitamin C is food or nutritional supplements.

The vitamin C deficiency disease is called scurvy and is manifested by bleeding gums, tooth loss, and softening of the bones. If vitamin C is not given, the body will die. The disease was once mainly caused by sailors. Legend has it that Columbus sailors were cured of the disease by the citrus fruits they found when they discovered America.

So if we look at the manifestations of scurvy, it will tell us what vitamin C is needed for.

Effects of vitamin C in brief:

  • supports the body's defenses
  • helps in wound healing
  • cooperates in the construction of bones, teeth and cartilage
  • its deficiency can cause an excessive craving for sweets
  • it is an antioxidant (it fights free radicals - these are formed during excessive stress or when a person is exposed to polluting or toxic substances)
  • helps with various chemical processes in the body

Research into the effects of vitamin C is ongoing, and it has been used during coronavirus treatment in New York, for example, to treat those infected. This vitamin is even given by injection. All this suggests and it seems that vitamin C is really needed and irreplaceable.


  • Amount of active substances in the recommended daily dose% RHD *
  • Vitamin C 500mg 625%
  • * daily reference nutritional value of the average adult


Store in a dry, dark and cool place in a well-closed container.


Not suitable for children under 3 years. Keep out of reach of small children. The prescribed daily dose must not be exceeded. The nutritional supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


This product does not contain soy derivatives or any other major allergens: milk, eggs, fish, oysters, nuts, grains and peanuts. It does not contain gluten.