Triomed compact

Triomed compact

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Manufacturer: Yalong Trade Product code: P00350 Shipping and Payment

Triomed Compact helps improve overall health.

Human health depends very much on how well he is and how he is able to adapt to the environment. People and the environment interact and exchange energy, information and matter. The balance of these exchange processes largely determines the state of our health. To ensure the exchange of energy and information, people / authorities are developing an energy and information system (EIS).

A modern and effective way of living in harmony within the environment is to strengthen one's own energy and information system. This is not yet very well known as a treatment method, but it is a very effective way to improve health.

The naturally balanced and harmonious body enjoys much higher vitality, adaptability and the ability to survive in our rapidly changing world.

TRIOMED COMPACT will help you balance this crucial task!

Effects of the Triomed Compact:

The Triomed KOMPAKT device is designed to protect and restore health by influencing its energy and information system (EIS) and the surrounding environment with a specially selected wave signal of a Si-Ge crystal and an infrared (IR) transmitter.

The device therefore combines two tools MM (millimeter waves) and IR (infrared) radiation, which complement each other perfectly.

TRIOMED KOMPAKT is multifunctional and can be used to:

  • harmonized the human EIS;
  • maintained the energy balance of the body;
  • eliminated the effects of stress;
  • prevent stressful situations;
  • gave the body energy;
  • reduced electromagnetic smog environment;
  • structured water and water-based products.

Advantages of the Triomed Compact device:

  • The TRIOMED Kompakt will benefit all family members, regardless of age and gender.
  • The device is comfortable to use and is easy to use, economical, safe, reliable and light.
  • It is recommended for daily use at home to increase vitality, improve health and improve psycho-emotional state.

In terms of its use, the device is classified as a product of multiple cyclic use.

According to oriental teaching, we all form one unit of two inseparable parts; physical body and energy information system (EIS). Every process that takes place in the body, in an organ or in a cell has a dual nature: energy and its change will lead to changes in the biochemical process as well. And every biochemical reaction will lead to a change in the energy system.

It consists of a human energy and information system, a central energy information system of channels, a peripheral system of channels, a system of energy centers and the distribution of energy through the body.

The human body works harmoniously if its energy flows clearly and cleanly, and therefore the movement of energy is optimal. Changes in biochemical metabolism are manifested by changes in energy waves, which makes it difficult for energy (and information) to flow through energy centers.

Changes in energy waves disrupt the normal functions of the centers, and therefore prevent healthy energy from flowing into peripheral channels and internal organs. This results in not transferring enough energy to the necessary processes in the body and to ensure its proper function.

The normal functioning of the EIS may also be disrupted due to external factors:

  • adverse ecological situations,
  • electromagnetic smog,
  • poor quality water,
  • Junk food,
  • stress,
  • emotional and psychological tension, etc.

Treatment with electromagnetic waves on one or more parts of the body will effectively improve the entire EIS (energy and information system).

Research has shown that stimulation of human EIS with electromagnetic signals similar to those propagated in the system itself has a beneficial effect on humans.

The SI-GE crystal used in the Triomed compact instrument can operate in two modes:
as active mode (when the crystal adapts and is activated by application to the body)
in the background when there is no direct contact with the body

When working in active mode, the crystal uses BioTrEM technology to tune the frequency parameters of the EIS. And then when the device is turned off, the crystal continues to transmit the same frequency waves, but in the background mode.

Research of human energy using GDV (gas discharge and visualization) device convincingly showed that the radiation of the Si-Ge crystal used in TRIOMED COMPACT positively affects human EIS.

Ancient Oriental medicine claims that there are a large number of diseases and the only reason behind them is the disrupted harmony.

You will find up to 8 programs in one device.