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Photon, warm and vibrating smart face mask. It is a device that is used to incorporate cosmetics into the skin such as face masks or face serums. More

Manufacturer: BeautyBiowave Product code: maska

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Thanks to sonic vibrations, LED technology and a warm function, you get a small and practical helper for skin care.


  • heating function 42 ± 3 ℃
  • vibration
  • blue light
  • yellow light
  • red light


1. Hydration mode (yellow light)

2. Brightening mode (red light)

3. Soothing mode (blue light)


Apply a cosmetic product e.g. face mask. You can also use a skin serum. Walk the device over the skin. Thanks to the warming function and vibrations, the pores open and the active substances can penetrate better into the skin.

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