No Time micro-current and radio frequency anti-wrinkle skin device

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This skin device combines all the functions you need for beautiful skin. The advantage is several functions in one. Radiofrequency can stimulate not only the production of collagen but also elastin. EMS tightens sagging skin and muscles and thus acts as a botox. It also has cooling, ions, red light and blue light. More

Beauty Biowave No Time anti-wrinkle skin device

  • BeautyBiowave conductive gel is included with the iron so you can start using it immediately.

Multifunctional skin rejuvenator

The skin device is not just a tool from which we expect skin rejuvenation. It hides much more. Helps health the skin. When you work with your skin regularly, you help skin cells regenerate, detoxify, oxygenate and nourish more quickly. When you pay increased attention to the skin, e.g. By using a quality cosmetic device and quality cosmetics, you will get beautiful, healthy and firm skin with minimal effort. Give your skin 1 treatment a week and the results will come.

This device has no ultrasound. Ultrasound is replaced by an RF function - radio frequency resp. radiofrequency skin tightening.

What is radio frequency skin tightening?

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called radiofrequency skin tightening, is a non-surgical method of skin tightening. The treatment consists of using energy waves to heat a deep layer of skin known as the dermis. This heat stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the most common protein in your body. It creates a framework for your skin and gives it firmness.

As you age, your cells produce less collagen, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Skin laxity occurs around the age of 30 to 35, when the amount and quality of your collagen begins to decline.

RF therapy has been used since 2001 to combat sagging skin and signs of aging. RF also targets loose or sagging skin and uses energy to warm the dermis without damaging the top layer of skin. This tightens the underlying structure of the skin and creates a more youthful appearance.

The treatment stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid!

The device combines the following functions:

1. CLEAN cleaning program
radio frequency
positive ions

Effect: cleansing the skin and opening pores

The cosmetic tampon is attached with a magnetic handle. Apply a cleansing tonic or cleansing emulsion to the swab. Set the desired intensity from 1 to 5. Massage the skin for 3 minutes.

2. IMPORT nutrition program
radio frequency
negative ions

Effect: Incorporation of hyaluronic acid into the skin. Stimulation of own hyaluronic acid.

Apply small molecule hyaluronic concentrate to the skin (Hyaluron gel, Hyaluron serum, Hyaluron ampoules). Set the desired intensity from 1 to 5. Massage the skin for 3 minutes.

3. EMS facelift program
radio frequency
EMS microcurrent

Effect: Cell lifting and firming of sagging skin and muscles on the face.

Apply a conductive gel (BeautyBiowave conductive gel) to the skin. Set the desired intensity from 1 to 5. Massage the skin for 3 minutes.

4. RF LED program
radio frequency
red light

Effect: Rejuvenate the skin with "collagen light", which stimulates the production of collagen and stabilizes the preparations in the skin for their more stable effect. It activates them. Red light has a warming effect on the skin, opens pores, activates active ingredients and rejuvenates the skin.

Apply to the skin e.g. skin serum, or skin fluid. Set the desired intensity from 1 to 5. Massage the skin for 3 minutes.

5. COOL program
blue light

Effect: Soothes the skin with "cold light", which soothes irritated skin, sensitive skin, irritated skin after cosmetic treatment, dampens inflammatory processes on the skin and is also used on acne skin. Helps shrink enlarged pores.

You don't have to apply anything to the skin in this mode. Massage the skin for 3 minutes.

Effects of the device:

  • improving collagen production and synthesis
  • improved blood flow
  • wrinkle elimination
  • lifting skin


  • CLEAN - cleansing the skin from sebum, impurities and dead skin cells
  • IMPORT - introducing preparations such as hyaluronic acid into deeper layers
  • EMS - improving facial contours
  • RF LED - red light helps increase collagen production and counteracts wrinkles
  • COOL - cooling, blue light kills acne bacteria and has an anti-inflammatory effect


The device is designed to improve the quality of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, improve the texture of the skin and also helps to increase the absorption of supplied substances such as e.g. hyaluronic acid.

Technical specification:

Voltage: 7.3V

Current: 940mA

Set time: 3 minutes

Charging: less than 2 hours

Never use the device in the following situations:

You have an implanted organ.
You had facial surgery less than a month ago.
You had burnt skin, e.g. from the sun less than a month ago.
If your skin is sensitive, resp. allergic to electromagnetic waves.
If you have blood diseases or tuberculosis, internal diseases, oncological diseases, diseases of the vascular system, fever.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or menstruating.
Do not use around the eyes, mouth and areas where you have had certain beauty treatments.
Do not use in the thyroid gland.
Do not use for too long in one place, but apply evenly over the entire face.
Before use, remove metal objects from your body, such as watches or glasses.