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BeautyBiowave micro-current galvanic skin device for wrinkles has a program for skin cleansing, a program for skin nutrition and a program for cell lifting. Micro-current technology for skin rejuvenation brings the desired results in the comfort of home. More

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BeautyBiowave microcurrent galvanic skin device for wrinkles 

We present you a new device for 2020. Micro-current galvanic skin device for wrinkle elimination - Skin treatment in the comfort of home is an easy job for this device. Functions: microcurrent, RF, photons 2 types, microvibrations, ions, +3 programs


preset programs - press the button and the program will start
you charge the device, disconnect it from the adapter and you can use it

Important to know:

Microcurrent devices (EMS, microcurrent, microcurrent waves) - microcurrent causes muscle contraction, thereby stimulating the skin and muscle cells. The microcurrent pulse also acts as an electric micro-needle. There is an increased production of collagen. Microcurrent waves pass through the layers of skin to the muscles of the face, stimulating the skin cells that are responsible for the production of key proteins, collagen and elastin, but at the same time contraction strengthens the muscular structures of the face. Microcurrent irons are used with conductive gels or hyaluronic gels. You feel the microcurrent treatment more intensely than galvanotherapy, as the current pulses also stimulate the muscles. People with thin, sensitive skin may feel the microcurrent more intensely. Long-term effects: less wrinkles and firmer skin

Hyaluron gel - has a pump and one pump push represents 1 dose. If you use more, the skin will not be more absorbed and the unabsorbed gel will remain unabsorbed on the skin and will dry out. We know from experience that high-quality concentrated hyaluron gel has this property and that is why it is good to use the optimal amount with the iron to achieve the desired effects.

In the instructions for use you have a link to a video in which you will understand step by step how to set up and use the iron.

We recommend purchasing an EV gel for this product.

The microcurrent galvanic skin skin device has the following functions:

1. EMS (microcurrent replacing electroporation and mesoporation with the same lifting effect) MICROCURRENT EFFECT

2. RF (RF waves penetrate deep, have a thermal warming effect and stimulate collagen production) RF WAVES

3. PHOTON: 2 types of light colors PHOTON EFFECT

  • red light suitable for stabilizing preparations and anti-wrinkle effect
  • blue light suitable for acne skin

3. Microvibrations up to 9500rpm are a trainer that trains the fine muscles on the face to strength!

4. Galvanotherapy (positive ions) are used for deep cleansing of the skin - GALVANOTHERAPY


CLEAN cleaning function
includes EMS + blue light + continuous microvibration (continuous, uninterrupted) + positive ions
use with cleansing gel
Possibility to adjust the intensity!

MOISTURE hydration function
includes RF + red light + discontinuous vibration (discontinuous, intermittent)
use with hyaluron gel
Possibility to adjust the intensity!

Lifting function FACE LIFTING
includes RF + EMS micro + discontinuous vibration (discontinuous, intermittent)
use with hyaluron gel
Possibility to adjust the intensity!
How to treat the whole face effectively?

Use the circular motions as shown. The iron should slide on the skin, so use a quality hyaluronic gel, which you apply to slightly moisturized skin. With the iron you will achieve its effective absorption into the deeper layers, where hyaluronic acid develops its volume and stimulates the formation of collagen and strengthens the contours of the face by stimulating the formation of building blocks of the skin.

What else do you need for a skin device?

1. Cleansing Emulsion - Thoroughly cleanse your skin before using the micro-jet skin iron

2. gel with hyaluronic acid - you use a micro-current iron for the skin to incorporate hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin

3. Apply the skin serum and skin cream of your choice only after treating the skin with a skin iron

Technical specification:

Weight & dimensions: 165g, 50x185x50mm

Working environment: 5-40 ° C

Power supply (power, output): AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz, DC5V 1A

Power: 3W

Wavelengths: 465 ± 3nm (blue), 625 ± 3nm (red)

Vibration frequency: 9500r / 60sec

Charging time: 3 hours


  • skin device
  • USB cable

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