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Anti-wrinkle skin device is an excellent home helper for obtaining beautiful and radiant skin. Equipped with all the important functions that an skin device should have. Skin cleansing, skin hydration and facelifting. More

Manufacturer: BeautyBiowave Product code: RF1

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RF White Skin skin device is an excellent home helper for improving skin quality, eliminating wrinkles, circles under the eyes, improving skin hydration and rejuvenation.

A brand new skin device that has the following features:

  • Skin cleansing,
  • Skin hydration,
  • Facelifting.

These functions are very easy to select. You do not need to study which therapies are suitable for cleansing, facelifting, or hydration, selecting individual functions will automatically turn on the necessary therapies and you will only select the intensity.

Skin therapies include a combination of light therapy, radio frequency, vibration and EMS.

Skin cleansing combines blue photon therapy and vibration.

Skin hydration combines red photon therapy, RF radiofrequency therapy and continuous vibration.

Facelifting combines RF, EMS and continuous vibration radiofrequency therapy.

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