Measuring device for pH, ORP and temperature - a new type

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Measuring device for pH, ORP and temperature - a new type More

Do you suffer from acidification of the organism?

An accurate measuring device with which you can determine the pH, ORP value every day and also measure the temperature. We recommend that you write down the values.

Procedure for alkalization of the organism:

Measure urine pH and ORP daily. Write down the values. Use a deacidifying alkaline mixture. If the pH is very low around 5, take 1-2 times a day. When the pH rises above 6, continue once a day. When the pH exceeds 7, take a week. The pH should be maintained between 6.5-7, when it reaches 7.5 take a break.

Customer experience:

The deacidification treatment does not have a sufficient effect if you do not have an accurate measuring instrument. pH papers are the least accurate. For example, the test material ages, the color on the comparison papers fades, and so the inaccuracy can reach up to +/- 1 pH level, and that's a lot. You need an accurate measuring device with which you can measure values, so that you can precisely set the right proportions with food and an alkaline mixture. Because if you consume the product without measuring, it may happen that you alkalize too little or too much and this is undesirable.

The body regulates the pH level of the blood at the level of 7.4. The body gets rid of acids through the lungs, that is, fast regulation, and the kidneys, that is, slow pH regulation. Therefore, if you have too much acid in your urine and the pH is low, it is because the kidneys push the acids out of the body and it means an excess of acid in the body. You need to maintain the pH so that it gradually approaches the pH of the blood, although it will always be lower, because the metabolism of human cells goes towards the production of acids.

If you have been acidic for a long time, the blood - because it must have the right pH, if there were not enough alkalis in the diet - borrows them from the body. For example, from the components of blood, collagen and bones.

If you start to alkalize, the blood maintains its pH and tries to return what it has borrowed. If it returns everything, the acid-base balance is much easier to maintain. Then the consumption of the product decreases.

If you manage to adjust the pH of the urine so that the ORP of the urine is negative, you also have information that your body does not suffer from oxidative stress. It occurs only where there is a lack of electrons. Then free radicals can form in the body and they destroy human cells. However, if urine has a negative ORP, then their formation is reduced.

If the ORP flips to positive values, then add antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, or others so that you have at least a slight excess of electrons in your urine.

Regulating the indoor environment using a precise pH / ORP meter is becoming a breeze.