Liposomal magnesium SHOTS 375 MG - PACK OF 20

Liposomal magnesium SHOTS 375 MG - PACK OF 20

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Liposomal magnesium SHOTS 375 MG - PACK OF 20 More

Manufacturer: Adelle Davis Product code: shot Shipping and Payment

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Liposomal magnesium SHOTS 375 MG - PACK OF 20 More

Manufacturer: Adelle Davis Product code: shot Shipping and Payment


BRAND: Adelle Davis
DURATION: 12 months
FORM: liquid liposomal (absorbability almost 100%)
CONTENTS: 500ml / 20 daily doses
MADE IN: Slovakia, EU
INGREDIENTS: magnesium citrate, demineralized water, non-genetically modified sunflower lecithin, citric acid, thickener (xanthan gum), preservative: potassium sorbate
DOSAGE: 1 ampoule (25 ml) (magnesium 375 mg)

Suitable for vegans: yes
Non-GMO:  yes
Gluten free:  yes

Magnesium in liposomal form ensures the transfer of magnesium directly into the cell. It fights muscle spasms, relieves nervous and muscle tension - it has a relaxing effect.

contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and to the proper functioning of the psyche
contributes to maintaining healthy bones and teeth
it contributes to the correct metabolism important for energy production and to the proper functioning of the muscles
it can be used to reduce exhaustion and fatigue

The biggest disadvantage of common forms of vitamins and other nutritional supplements, such as pills, powders or drinks, is that the majority of the nutritional supplement itself deteriorates already in the digestive system, and only a small part of the amount indicated on the packaging of the nutritional supplement reaches its destination in our body. .

The liposomal form has up to 6 times higher absorbability than conventional forms. To compare the different forms:

capsules, tablets, powder form                        absorbability up to 20%

vitamin C administered by injection directly into a vein        absorbability approximately 70%

liposomal form, absorption over 90%

Very simply, it can be said that the nutritional supplement itself is wrapped in tiny bubbles (they are called liposomes, hence the name liposomal, and they are made using a special process from the natural substance lecithin). These mini-bubbles protect the nutritional supplement and, in addition, "understand" the walls of the intestines, so they easily get through them into the blood and it carries them to the cells themselves. They also get along with them so the cell will very easily accept the "shipment" and therefore more than 90% of the liposomal nutritional supplement will get to where it needs to go and be used. In addition, this form does not burden the stomach.

Amount of active substance in the recommended daily dose % RVH*
Magnesium 375 mg 100%

*daily reference nutritional value of an average adult


Store in a dry, dark and cool place. After opening, use within 24 hours and store in the refrigerator.


Not suitable for children. Keep out of the reach of small children. The prescribed daily dose must not be exceeded. The nutritional supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


This product does not contain soy derivatives or any other major allergens: milk, eggs, fish, oysters, tree nuts, grains and peanuts. Does not contain gluten.

Supplement form Liquid
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