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Description and usage: 

Do you want a radiant, rosy complexion and optimally nourished skin? Then you’ll be delighted with LIFTmee ULTRASONIC! With this multi tool, you’ll pamper your skin at the highest level:

• The effective vibration massage trains the connective tissue and reduces tiny wrinkles.
• Clever ion technology ensures optimum cleansing and infiltrates skin-care concentrates or hyaluron gels deeply into the skin.
• Even after the first ultrasound application, your skin will have better circulation and will be supplied with more oxygen.
• Three light-therapy functions actively contribute to skin renewal:

Red light – regenerates the skin and makes it look taut and elastic again.
Orange light – activates the microcirculation of the cells and provides an even complexion.
Blue light – soothes blemishes and skin irritations.

Whether cleansing, infiltration of active ingredients, light therapy or massage: with this ultrasound device, you can create an individual program that visibly improves your skin texture and makes it appear firmer and more elastic.

Application: Use the “On/Off” switch to switch the device on. Press the “On/Off” switch to select the desired program. Select the intensity or desired light intensity by pressing the “+” buttons. Apply gel or serum to cleansed face and work it into the skin with LIFT-mee ULTRASONIC. The silver surfaces on the handle must remain in contact with the skin throughout the treatment.

Technical data:

  • Power supply: Input AC100-240 V, output DC 5V
  • Power consumption: 1. 11 W
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Ultrasonic output frequency: 3 Megahertz MHz +/-5%

Scope of delivery:

  • charger cable
  • cleansing cloths
  • 2 fixing rings
  • safety goggles

Power supply:

  • Battery (AAA)
  • Vibration frequency: 10,000 vpm
  • Product size: 150 x 30 50 mm
  • Weight: 65 g