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Description and usage

The innovative vacuum technology of the LIFTmee SKIN OPTIMIZER can not only ensure clear skin by precisely and gently removing blackheads, flakes of skin or make-up residue, but can also contribute to a more even, fresher complexion. This is because the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated during application. As a result, the cells of the skin are optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients - the complexion appears revitalized and radiant. Another positive side effect of the application is the increased receptivity of the skin for anti-aging active ingredients such as concentrates or serums, which can thus penetrate better. Regular use can ensure a permanently clearer and smoother complexion.

Preparing the skin: skin test & cleansing
Perform a skin test (e.g. on the neck) with the device 24 hours before use. Use the lowest intensity level for this. If redness or skin irritation occurs within 24 hours, please consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly before use, e.g. with WELLMAXX skineffect supreme foam cleanser. The skin should be clean and free of residues. An additional application with warm compresses can help to open the pores. This is an important prerequisite for optimal results.

Preparation of the device
Charge the LIFTmee SKIN OPTIMIZER battery for at least 5 hours before first use.
With a twisting motion, pull the attachment off the device (and remove the cover). Insert a filter and close the device again. The filter should remain dry in any case.
Place the desired attachment on the device.

Round attachment (large): For cleaning pores over a large area. Can be used anywhere on the face, the skin around the eyes and lips should be left out.
Round attachment (small): Suitable for cleaning the pores in hard-to-reach areas (e.g. nostrils) and sensitive skin areas (e.g. around the eye).
Oval attachment: Promotes blood circulation in the face and can thus support skin elasticity. We recommend using it with the intensity level.
To turn on the device, press the power button. The LED indicator will begin to glow, showing you the intensity level and battery level.
Select your desired intensity level by pressing the button several times. We recommend starting with a low intensity level first.

The application
Gently run the LIFTmee SKIN OPTIMIZER over the areas of your facial skin to be cleansed. Important: Be careful not to run it over one area of skin for too long or too often. The area of the face to be treated should be as smooth as possible; if necessary, you can use your free hand to lightly tighten the skin.
The application should be pleasant and not cause pain. A slight redness after the application is normal.
To end the application, press the power button again.
To remove the filter, pull the attachment up (and remove the cover underneath) with another twisting motion. Change the filter after each use!

Use a high-quality, skin-soothing care product after use. Through the application, the skin is now also optimally prepared for effective anti-aging facial care. Concentrates and serums are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Cleaning the device
Hygiene is a guarantee for complication-free use and best results. Therefore, clean your LIFTmee SKIN OPTIMIZER after each use, e.g. with a cotton swab. Please note: The attachments are waterproof, but the device itself must not be immersed in water or other liquids. In addition, it is recommended to clean the attachments with a commercially available disinfectant after each use. In any case, change the filter after each use.