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Description and usage

An optimal cleaning of the skin is the basis for a radiant, fresh-looking complexion. With the LIFTmee PEEL & CLEAN a pore-deep facial cleansing is now possible in a gentle yet intensive way: fine silicone bristles clean the skin, in addition, the vibration technology stimulates the microcirculation of the skin. The beauty effect: in just one minute, the skin is deeply clean, even stubborn make-up residues are removed without leaving any residue. The different intensity levels give you the choice between a gentle cleansing or an effective peeling. Through the stimulated blood circulation, the cells of the skin are optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the receptivity of the skin for anti-aging products increased.

The result: the complexion looks revitalized and radiant. Regular use can provide a permanently clearer and smoother complexion. With the LIFTmee PEEL & CLEAN your daily facial cleansing becomes a simple, quick and relaxing beauty application.


Moisten your face and the LIFTmee PEEL & CLEAN with water and apply a small amount of a cleansing product to the cleansing head, e.g. the WELLMAXX hyaluron gentle clean face wash. Alternatively, you can apply the cleansing product directly to your face. For exfoliation, use an appropriate product that supports this effect and proceed as for cleansing.

Turn on the device and choose an intensity level. We recommend starting with a low intensity at first. Adjust the intensity level and manual pressure to suit your individual skin needs. For sensitive skin, choose a low intensity level.

Run the LIFTmee PEEL & CLEAN gently and without pressure over the areas of your facial skin, neck or décolleté to be cleaned. To get the best cleansing effect, we recommend making circular movements and cleaning each area for about 20 seconds.

To finish the application, press the power button again.

The subsequent rinse now cleanses your skin from the dissolved particles. Dry your skin. Through the application, the skin is now optimally prepared for your subsequent care routine.

Cleaning the device

Hygiene is a guarantee of complication-free use and best results. Therefore, clean your LIFTmee PEEL & CLEAN after each use and let it air dry. Please note: The cleaning head is waterproof, but the device itself must not be immersed in water or other liquids.