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Description and usage

The LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT relies on state-of-the-art ion technology and combines it with additional beauty functions. The LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT offers several care modes at once: With the activating "Red Light", the active ingredient absorption, e.g. of an anti-aging serum or a concentrate in the skin can be improved, which contributes to an optimal care result. The relaxing "Blue Light" has an additional calming effect on the skin. The "Yellow Light" can help to reduce dark circles under the eyes and supports a radiant complexion.

Along with a pleasant heat and a light vibration massage, the handy LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT provides uncomplicated, gentle care that can be easily integrated into your personal beauty routine. With just 5-10 minutes daily, small wrinkles around the lips and eyes can be softened and the skin can appear more radiant and fresh.

Starting up & charging the LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT
Charge the battery of the LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT for 2 hours before first use. If the battery power is low, a red signal will light up, which will go out again when the battery is fully charged.

Preparation of the skin & Commissioning of the device

Conduct a skin test with the device 24 hours before use. If redness or skin irritation occurs within 24 hours, please consult your doctor or dermatologist. Before use, cleanse your skin thoroughly, e.g. with the WELLMAXX skineffect supreme foam cleanser, and apply a small amount of a high-quality care product to the desired skin areas. Active ingredient concentrates are particularly suitable for this purpose. To switch on the device, simply take it in your hand. The intelligent contact strip responds to touch.

The application
The following areas can be treated with the LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT:

      • forehead
      • cheeks
      • Chin area and base of neck
      • Eye region
      • Mouth and lip region
      • Decolletage

Select the desired light mode with the power button. For a massage effect, run the LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT gently over the selected skin areas with small circular movements. Alternatively, you can also use the LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT selectively. For this, hold the Beauty Light for about 10 seconds to a spot and repeat this 2-3 times.

To end the application, press the power button for 2 seconds Use a high-quality, skin-soothing care product after the application. Through the application, the skin is now also optimally prepared for effective anti-aging facial care. Concentrates and serums are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Cleaning the device
Hygiene is a guarantee for complication-free use and best results. Therefore, clean your LIFTmee IONIC BEAUTY LIGHT after each use. Please note: The device is not waterproof and must not be immersed in water or other liquids.