Laser pain relief device 500mW

Laser pain relief device 500mW

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Eliminates pain and inflammation. High power up to 500mW. Professional laser. More

Manufacturer: Raycome Product code: 77777 Shipping and Payment

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Eliminates pain and inflammation. High power up to 500mW. Professional laser. More

Manufacturer: Raycome Product code: 77777 Shipping and Payment

Laser helps to eliminate pain and inflammation. High power up to 500mW. Professional laser.


  • Semiconductor laser.
  • Output power 500mW.
  • Output wavelength 810nm.
  • Light wavelength 650nm.

Mechanism of action:It helps with

  • increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production,
  • increase in cellular metabolism,
  • increase in collagen production,
  • increase in enzyme production,
  • increase in esprotein synthesis,
  • better blood flow,
  • improving lymphatic circulation and drainage,
  • elimination of inflammation.
  • Helps with (manufacturer's data):
  • trigemal neuralgia
  • scallopulohumeral periarthritis,
  • tennis elbow,
  • cervical spondylosis,
  • hip hernia pain,
  • arthritis,
  • soft tissue damage,
  • heel pain
  • chronic pharyngitis,
  • prostatitis,
  • Herpes zoster,
  • pelvic inflammatory processes,
  • hip pain,
  • intervertebral neuralgia.


1.In case of improper operation with controls, the device can cause dangerous radiation.

2. Because the laser probe should touch the human body during the treatment process, the device must be used with a protective earth for electrical energy.

3. Because the laser probe consists of an optical system, it should be handled carefully and easily, without collisions and falls, to avoid mechanical damage. The machine must be protected from heat and humidity. To keep the device effective, wipe the lens of the laser probe with a clean cloth.

4. Laser irradiation with melanin is prohibited to prevent skin injury.

5. If the device and accessories meet their service life, dispose of them in accordance with the applicable local regulations and the processing of packaging materials.

6. People with malignant tumors or cancer are prohibited from using this tool.

7. When the machine moves from a relatively low temperature (above 5 ~ 40 ℃) to a room temperature location, do not start it until the machine temperature is close to room temperature to avoid malfunction.

8. The use of flammable anesthetic and oxidizable gases such as nitrous oxide and oxygen is not recommended during operation. Some materials, such as cotton, can ignite at high temperatures when working with the machine. The solvents used to clean and sterilize the flammable solution should be completely evaporated before using the machine to avoid the risk of ignition.

9. The machine should be out of reach of children and pets.

10. Do not use the emergency stop switch as a normal switch under normal circumstances, otherwise it will damage maintenance.

11. In an emergency, you should use the manual emergency stop switch to stop the laser output immediately (the emergency switch has the shape of a red sponge with a yellow ring in the down position). After resolving the emergency, turn on the power switch and turn it on again.

12. The device has undergone rigorous testing and tuning. There are no user serviceable parts inside, do not attempt to disassemble, or attempt to repair. If the device does not work, contact our company or local distributors


  • Laser medium: GaAlAs - Semiconductor diodes.
  • Laser classification: 3B.
  • Laser safety classification class 3B.
  • Classification of the product as a medical device: Class IIa.
  • Power supply: AC230V , 50 / 60Hz.
  • Product consumption: 20 VA.
  • Terminal laser output: Maximum terminal output for the laser emitter probe: 500mW ±.
  • Central laser output wavelength of the probe: 810nm ± 30nm.
  • Angle of divergence of the beam: φx = 0.26 rad, φy = 0.78 rad.
  • Laser power instability St: ≤10%.
  • Peripheral laser wavelength of the probe: 650nm ± 30nm.
  • Time range and accuracy: The time range is from 0 to 30 minutes, can be set after 30 seconds, the time error is within a tolerance of ± 3%.
  • Operating and control functions.