Laser helmet to support hair growth

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96 laser diodes, full scalp coverage, comparable to medical laser devices to support hair growth. More

Laser helmet to support hair growth

96 laser diodes, full scalp coverage, comparable to medical laser devices to support hair growth.

The hair laser helmet contains 96 laser radiation points. It contains silicone protrusions to get the points closer to the skin and achieve the best possible effect.

If you connect the USB cable to a USB charger, the LED indicator lights up red and the device beeps. When attached to the head, the laser light turns on The LED indicator lights up yellow and indicates that the lasers are in operation. If the device is removed from the head, the lasers will turn off. Inside, there are two sensors that evaluate the proximity of the skin, and only then do the lasers fire.

Warning: Do not intentionally lower the sensors with your hands to avoid exposing your eyes to laser light.


  • 4-18 weeks sebum secretion improves, hair loss stops.
  • 8-26 weeks, hair is thicker, more radiant - healthier.
  • 26-52 weeks, the hair goes into stages of normal growth, the volume of hair increases.

Wavelength 650nm:

It is most historically proven for a number of types of devices, whether electrical or medical devices. It can penetrate the hair roots, improves microcirculation and nutrition around them and stimulates the roots themselves - energizing them.

Application time:

30 minutes is the optimum for stimulating the hair roots. Shorter time stimulates weaker and longer time reduces possible positive effects.

Mechanism of action:

It is the absorption of photons in the tissue and roots of hair, from 96 laser diodes.

The results:

Comparable devices show effects on hair growth. Some have also been clinically tested. They contribute to the health of the scalp and hair.

Is the device suitable for me?

Absorption and penetration depend on skin color.
For lighter ones, the penetration is better and reaches the hair roots.
The device can help as an additional treatment for hair loss, improves hair quality, hair density and regenerates the scalp and hair follicles.