Laser device for the nose and wrist with several colors

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This device helps to correct blood rheology. More

Product Name: Semiconductor laser therapeutic device for wrist and nasal cavity

Laser safety class: Class 3R laser product

Therapeutic method: Laser extravascular application of laser irradiation (transcutaneous and intranasal methodology - transcutaneous and intranasal methodology)

Purpose of determination: improvement of blood circulation and microcirculation in the nasal cavity and whole body. The device contributes to the overall improvement of the health of users.

Mechanism of action: Application of 650 nm laser non-invasive irradiation to the nasal mucosa. Laser irradiation triggers a series of energetic and biological effects that can alter blood rheology, reduce blood viscosity, promote microcirculation, improve the deformability of red blood cells and their ability to transport oxygen.

Indications: The device can help with high blood pressure, improves cholesterol, fats in the blood, high blood glucose, high blood viscosity, accompanying heart attacks, strokes, reduces inflammation and swelling.

The cells in the bloodstream are activated, the immune system is strengthened, blood flow and its circulation are normalized. Oxygen transport and blood cell deformability are improved.

Contraindications: The following conditions are strictly prohibited for use of the device : pregnancy, cancer, bleeding, decreased blood clotting.

Method of use: 2 - 3 times a day, always 10 - 20 minutes in adults, children from 10 years and the elderly over 60 years can shorten the application time. It can be used for 15 days, for example take a 3 day break and start using again. Breaks in use are not a necessity and the device allows daily use without breaks. Breaks can be included if a person feels good, so in comfort, he is healthy and happy. Opposite states require continuation of applications.

Laser wavelength 650 nm ± 20 nm

One laser output maximum power 5mW - 20%

Laser output mode: Continuous

Laser output instability ≤ ± 10%

Horizontal beam angle divergence Min: 5 ° Typical: 9 ° Max: 12 °

Vertical angle of the vertical beam Min: 30 ° Typical: 36 ° Max: 42 °

Time range 15min ~ 60min adjustable, intervals in 15min.

Display mode: Liquid crystal display

Safety class: Internal power supply

Power supply: Lithium-ion battery

DC5V battery voltage

Input power ≤ 10VA

Working environment: Temperature 5 ℃ -40 ℃

Relative humidity <80%