Kyto Device for checking heart rate variability

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The device is designed for daily checks of heart rate variability. It is linked to the mobile app and provides instant results not only on what state your heart rate variability is, but also on the score as you are ready for work and activity the next day. More

What is heart rate variability?

The variability of HRV heart rate is high in those people who have clean blood vessels, blood with good viscosity and rheology, and their heart responds immediately to any change in their body.

HRV is low in those people who have plaques clogged, have a high blood density, and so any change does not manifest itself enough to bleed those organs that caused the change.

Example: When you sit and stand up, the heart responds by increasing your heart rate. In the second group of people with thick blood and clogged blood vessels, the heart rate hardly changes or changes very little. Because it is exhausted, it is not possible to react to changes.

The device can be connected in two ways:

  • to the ear
  • or on the finger

You should use the device every morning. It will teach you to breathe properly to reduce your heart rate and relieve your heart and lower your blood pressure. The correct way of breathing affects all these variables very significantly. If you learn to control your breathing, you will certainly stabilize your emotions and thus your health will improve.

The device is charged using a USB charger and has built-in lithium batteries.

The application is in English in English. Installation is easy.