Kingray Nattokinase & Kefir 320mg x 30 capsules

Kingray Nattokinase & Kefir 320mg x 30 capsules

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The nutritional supplement contains kefir probiotics and the enzyme nattokinase. More

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The nutritional supplement contains kefir probiotics and the enzyme nattokinase. More

Manufacturer: Kingray Product code: natto-kefir Shipping and Payment

Nattokinase 2000FU + Kefir (nutritional supplement from Japan)

What is Nattokinase?

The enzyme nattokinase is isolated from traditional Japanese fermented soybean Natto.

From experience around the world, many report that nattokinase helps prevent the formation of blood clots while helping to dissolve them.

The European Commission does not allow any claims, as its effect on human health on European soil has not been sufficiently investigated so far (it has been used mainly in Japan for many years), but it does allow the use of this active substance at a dose of 1kps daily as safe and not for pregnant and breastfeeding women. .

Japan, where nattokinase comes from e.g. author: Martin Milner, N.D. uses nattokinase at risk of thrombus formation and reduction of this risk in the following health problems: Atherosclerosis, Hypertension (high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, etc.). In Japan, fermented soybeans have been used for human consumption for over 2,000 years.

This article presents a Japanese study in which nattokinase was administered 3 times daily and there was an increase in plasma fibrinolytic activity as indicated by fibrinolytic parameters and in a second study a decrease in high blood pressure.

Coronavirus infection causes thrombi, and even cases where thrombi have formed after vaccination have been reported. It is difficult to say what percentage of the population is at increased risk of thrombus formation.

Although the European Commission does not allow any claims against nattokinase made by the Japanese, as the product originates in Japan and has been known and used there for many years, we believe that e.g. after overcoming the corona, it is worth taking it in the recommended dose of 1kps a day and it is completely safe.

What does the anti-thrombotic effect mean?

Some substances have an anti-thrombotic effect - they break down fibrin (a protein that helps our body form a "network" of clots, which results from a wound or trauma). Every thrombus contains such a network, and since every thrombus is dangerous to humans, it is therefore very important to prevent it.

Have you used Kingray serapeptase before?

Nattokinase is a suitable alternative.

What is Kefir?

They are lactic acid bacteria. It is high in nutrients and probiotics and is therefore thought to be very beneficial for digestion and intestinal health.

Users have praised the following changes:

users have improved intestinal peristalsis

The manufacturer declares a study in which an increase in interferon occurred after taking this nutritional supplement. When an infection occurs in the human body, the immune response develops complex cellular interactions. The regulators of these interactions are special protein molecules - cytokines. The key cytokine is interferon. In the second study, there was an increase in S-IgA. The manufacturer in Japan also recommends this nutritional supplement to support immunity. It is used by the Japanese, who have problems with digestion, weakened immunity, diabetics, cancer patients, adults with skin diseases and for anti-thrombotic effect. These claims by the manufacturer about the active substances are not kept in the European Commission's database, but users with these diagnoses can safely take this food supplement knowing that it is a highly valued product with a significant health effect in Japan.

The nutritional supplement contains kefir probiotics and the enzyme nattokinase.

Ingredients: lactic acid bacteria (natural mixture of kefir bacteria), modified starch E1422, nattokinase, trehalose, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose E460), anti-caking agent (calcium stearate E470), coating agents (maltodextrin E965, silicon oxide) HPMC)

Supplement by problem Enzymes for healthy blood vessels

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