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The very high performance of the infra-red lamp makes it ideal for treating health problems of home comfort. The lamp does not emit polarized light and is not a biolamp. It is an infra-red lamp that heats the tissues and works in the area of infrared light. More

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Infralamp Biogene III infra 250W stand

Infrared lamp is a device based on the principle of phototherapy and electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum. It is used to treat pain, muscle cramps, rheumatism, skin diseases, injuries, sciatica, in the treatment of gout, or as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of throat-nose diseases.

The lamp emits infrared rays with a wavelength of 780 - 1400 nm, which are converted into heat in the lower layers of the skin by vibrating with water molecules, which causes friction and the tissue heats up. It contributes to vasodilation, increased blood flow, detoxification and temporary lymph flow. Metabolism is accelerated, toxic substances are removed and oxygen supply is increased.

The use:

  • as needed 1-2 times a day for 5-10 minutes
  • at least 80 cm from the heated part of the body,
  • keep your eyes closed when heating,
  • in case of allergy, stop heating.

Technical parameters:

  • infrared light bulb

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