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Cosmetic set of luxury cosmetics and skin device for ladies 40+ 50+ 60+

  • a suitable gift for ladies who suffer from medium-deep, deeper and mimic (express) wrinkles,
  • suitable for ladies over 40, 50, 60 and over (peptide technology).


1. Galvanic anti-Wrinkle skin device Profi 7in1 RED (galvanic current, photons, ultrasound, facelift).

2. Wellmaxx Cellular Lift duo-set - day fluid + eye cream - gift box.

Anti-Wrinkle device Profi 7in1 WHITE (photons 4 types + ultrasound + galvanotherapy + massage with microvibrations)

Introducing the new 2020. The Profi skin device has up to an incredible 7 functions. Skin care in the comfort of home is a toy for her.


1. Ultrasound therapy: 3MHz ultrasound (CLEANSE) SKIN CLEANING.

2. Ultrasound therapy: 3MHz ultrasound + Positive ions (DEEP) DEEP SKIN CLEANING.


4. Ultrasound therapy: 3MHz ultrasound + Negative ions (NUTRITION PLUS) INCREASED PENETRATION OF ACTIVE SUBSTANCES.

5. Photon function red and yellow light (WHITEN) WHITENING AND FINE WRINKLE.

6. Photon function blue and yellow light (ANTI-ACNE) AGAINST ACNE.

7. Lifting skin positive and negative ions (FACE LIFTING) LIFTING SKIN.

Wellmaxx®, these are cosmetics with the concept of highly effective active ingredients that meet the highest standards. Innovative active ingredients, which are the result of the latest research, give this range of products an unmistakable character. Active peptide complex - state-of-the-art technology in the fight against wrinkles.

Wellmaxx Cellular lift daily fluid

The silky light rejuvenating daily skin emulsion will ensure far-reaching lifting and regenerating effects throughout the day. As an ideal expert for effective wrinkle correction, this smooth emulsion is based on peptide complexes with active effects. In combination with a UV filter to protect against excessive pigmentation, these complexes help impart long-lasting strength to cell cohesion.

In this way, skin care with immediate effects can combat the visible signs of skin aging. It will allow your skin to regain its radiant, supple appearance and relaxation and smoothing. Your skin will look younger and perfectly fresh.

Apply in the morning on cleansed skin and rub gently.

  • Peptide Vinci 02,
  • Peptide Matrixyl 3000,
  • Vitamin E.

Wellmaxx Cellular lift eye cream

Firming eye cream with a deep effect to achieve immediate excellent effects on combating traces of time. It is particularly fast-absorbing and literally flows through the skin.

As an ideal expert for effective wrinkle correction, it is based on innovative peptide technology.
The aim of this complex is to strengthen the skin and at the same time visibly help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, swelling and dark circles under the eyes. The area around the eyes can be smoothed, relaxed and given a fresh and youthful appearance. From day to day, the sensitive areas around the eyes will become more expressive and will look healthy, becoming more radiant.

Carefully apply a soft and pleasant firming texture to the contours of the eyes in the morning and evening and gently tap it into the skin.

  • Peptide Vinci 02,
  • Peptide Matrixyl 3000,
  • Regu-Age.

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