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Cosmetic set of luxury cosmetics and micro-current skin device for INTENSIVE CARE skin

  • a suitable gift for ladies of any age,
  • suitable for first wrinkles and deeper wrinkles.


1. Micro-current galvanic skin device for skin WHITE (galvanic current, photons, microcurrent / EMS, RF).

2. Cosmetic set of a duo of luxury cosmetics - Devee Caviar luxury serum and fluid.

The microcurrent galvanic skin device has the following functions:

1. EMS (microcurrent replacing electroporation and mesoporation with the same lifting effect) MICROCURRENT EFFECT.

2. RF (RF waves penetrate deep, have a thermal warming effect and stimulate collagen production) RF WAVES.

3. PHOTON: 2 types of light colors PHOTON EFFECT.

  • red light suitable for stabilizing products and anti-wrinkle effect,
  • blue light suitable for acne skin.

3. Microvibrations up to 9500rpm are a trainer that trains the fine muscles on the face to strength!

4. Galvanotherapy (positive ions) are used for deep cleansing of the skin - GALVANOTHERAPY.


CLEAN cleaning function.
MOISTURE hydration function.
Lifting function FACE LIFTING.

Synergistic effect of 2 products in a beautiful gift box.

Caviar, Luxury Skin, Fluid:

The gentle and magnificent daily emulsion is not only refreshing during the morning cosmetic rituals, but also nourishes and smoothes the skin throughout the day.

Gentle caviar extract and sea complex with anti-wrinkle effect is a perfection that your skin will appreciate. The ultra-concentrated formula in this fluid activates the skin's natural cellular and repair functions and relieves skin fatigue and stress. Thanks to the low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid, your skin will be sufficiently hydrated and its optimal moisture will be maintained, which leads to the protection of the skin against premature aging. The skin becomes smooth, rejuvenated and regenerated.

Apply to cleansed skin every morning after applying skin serum.


Caviar extract.
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
High-molecular hyaluronic acid.
Brown seaweed extract.
Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle complex consisting of marine plankton, collagen and turquoise algae.

Caviar, Luxury skin, Serum:

The ultra-concentrated serum will surprise you with its fine consistency, which is immediately absorbed by the skin and gently delights your skin and your senses. The perfect caviar extract, low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid and anti-wrinkle complex formed from turquoise seaweed with anti-oxidant protection and minerals, marine collagen and Breton marine plankton work perfectly and synergistically to enhance the skin's natural protective functions. Intensive stimulation of the skin's central functions improves elasticity and firmness, leaving the skin soft, supple and rejuvenated. Tired skin becomes radiant, fresh and vital.

Apply to cleansed face, morning and evening.


Caviar extract.
Low-molecular hyaluronic acid.
High-molecular hyaluronic acid.
Brown seaweed extract.

Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle complex consisting of marine plankton, collagen and turquoise algae.

Luxury has its name ... Devee Caviar Luxury:

Valuable caviar extract embedded in a marine active complex provides this line of cosmetic products with exceptional anti-aging effects. The skin will be firmer, smoother and significantly rejuvenated. With everyday use, this luxury product will give you an inimitable pleasure and at the same time you will get undeniable effects for your skin. Thanks to perfect deep hydration, your skin will look significantly younger.

Gift wrapping duo deve Caviar

We have 2 variants of duo packaging in stock, in case the gift set 1 (variant 1, picture first) is sold out, we will replace it with gift set 2 (variant 2, picture second)

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