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Cosmetic set of luxury cosmetics and Exclusive skin device with two heads for ladies 30+ 40+ 50+ More

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Set suitable for complex skin treatment

Purpose: for medium and deeper mimic wrinkles for ladies over 30, 40, 50 years

The device has 2 heads. One head is designed for skin cleansing and skin nutrition. The second head, the so-called roller for micro-current treatment and firming of sagging skin.

The Hyaluron cosmetic set contains a gel, serum and eye gel that you can use under the skin device. The moisturizer is used after the skin device treatment at the end.

Use the conductive gel with a roller!

  1. Exclusive BeautyBiowave skin device
  2. Conductive gel under the skin device
  3. Wellmaxx Skineffect cosmetics set (day cream, night cream, eye gel, hyaluron serum)

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