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Exclusive Clean and Nourish spatula. Luxurious design. More

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Ultrasonic spatula Clean & Nourish from the Exclusive line

This cosmetic device is used for deep cleansing of the skin and for nourishing and lifting the skin. It has 2 programs. One treatment of the whole face takes only 10 minutes. The device is small, compact and very easy to operate with one button. Every woman will love its beautiful design.


- In clean mode, ultrasound + positive ions are turned on for deep skin cleansing. Used with cleansing emulsion.

In this program, the device works for 5 minutes.


- In lift mode, the EMS microcurrent is switched on. Used with hyaluronic gel or serum.

The device works in this program for 5 minutes.

Technical specification:

Rated current: <800mA

Vibration frequency: 28 ± 5 kHz

Water resistance: for a short time IPX5

Packaging: cosmetic device (spatula), USB cable

Charging: There is a waterproof cover on the bottom of the device, which is pulled out and a USB cable is connected to charge the device.

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