BeautyBiowave Ultrazvuková špachtla SONIC 4v1

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BeautyBiowave Ultrasonic Spatula EXCLUSIV is suitable for all skin types. It has 3 modes. More

Cosmetic for skin device:

  • Wellmaxx Hyaluron5 concentrated hyaluronic gel 10ml (gift)
  • BeautyBiowave conductive gel (part of the iron)

BeautyBiowave ultrasonic spatula 5in1

  • cleans deep into pores
  • active substances can penetrate better into the skin
  • stimulates the process of cell renewal and collagen production

Ultrasonic spatula with stainless steel head. BeautyBiowave Ultrasonic spatula generates ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 25-30 thousand pulses per second, which in contact with the skin act to the depth of the pores and thoroughly clean it. The device is gentle on the skin and its use is safe and painless.

This innovative skin spatula works with up to 25-30kHz ultrasonic frequency. In addition, it generates ions and microcurrents.

BeautyBiowave is a high-quality skin spatula, suitable for cleansing the skin, but also for applying products to the skin. We have it available in white


ultrasound 25,000-30,000 Hz per second (ultrasonic skin cleansing technology)
microcurrent pulse technology & ultrasound (lifting effect)
galvanic technology (skin cleansing & lifting effect - penetration of active substances)


  • deep skin cleansing - continuous waves for deep skin cleansing
  • lifting program
  • high performance for deep skin cleansing
  • sonophoresis - deep absorption of hyaluronic acid

Sonophoresis is the ultrasonic absorption of active substances into the deep layers of the skin. In this process, drug / cosmetic / serum molecules enter the tissue through sound waves. We recommend using Hyaluron gel.

Features: (3 functions)

CLEAN: The treatment head, which has built-in technology of ultrasonic vibrations, positive ions and blue light, is ideal for cleansing the skin.

MOISTURE: The function of ultrasonic waves, negative ions and red light is ideal for introducing products.

LIGTING: The function of ultrasound and EMS helps to lift the skin (lifting effect) and at the same time there is an increased production of collagen. Here you can set EMS L - low intensity or EMS H - high intensity.

The device is designed to improve the quality of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, improve the texture of the skin and also helps to increase the absorption of supplied substances such as e.g. hyaluronic acid.


Ultrasonic mode (ultrasound and positive ions) is suitable for deep skin cleansing. You can also use cleansing foam or cleansing gel. Walk the spatula over the skin.

Mode 2: Applying MOISTURE products (SONIC + NEGATIVE IONS + RED LIGHT)

This mode is suitable for the application of products: Apply hyaluronic gel or serum to the fingertips. It must be a conductive product, so not a face cream or a skin fluid. Massage the gel or serum into the skin. Turn on mode 2 and apply the gel evenly to the skin. If the skin is dry, apply a little water or pure Beauty Biowave conductive gel and continue the application again. Too much gel or serum could cause flakes on the skin, so it is not necessary to apply more than 1-2 compressions of hyaluronic gel or serum.

Mode 3: Lifting skin tension EMS (SONIC + EMS)

EMS mode is suitable for improving skin firmness and contours. It brings firming and lifting of the skin. EMS lifting mode uses EMS technology to increase collagen production and firm the skin.

The device is designed to improve the quality of the skin. Helps:

  • Eliminate wrinkles and firm the skin.
  • Deeply cleanse the skin.
  • Improve blood flow.
  • Brighten the skin.

The use:

CLEAN: Hold down the On / Off button for 2 seconds - the device switches to CLEAN mode. The device switches itself off after 5 minutes.

MOISTURE: Press the On / Off button and the device switches from CLEAN mode to MOISTURE mode - hydration. The white light on RF mode is on. The device switches off automatically after 5 minutes.

EMS L: Press the On / Off button again and the device switches from CLEAN mode to EMS LOW mode. The white light on EMS LOW mode - low intensity lifting is on. The device switches off automatically after 5 minutes.

EMS H: Press the On / Off button again and the device switches from CLEAN mode to EMS HIGH mode. The white light on the EMS HIGH mode - high-intensity lifting is on. The device switches off automatically after 5 minutes.

You can switch between the individual modes with the On / Off button.

Safety warnings:

Never use the device in the following situations:

You have an implanted organ.
You had facial surgery less than a month ago.
You had burnt skin, e.g. from the sun less than a month ago.
If your skin is sensitive, resp. allergic to electromagnetic waves.
If you have blood diseases or tuberculosis, internal diseases, oncological diseases, diseases of the vascular system, fever.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or menstruating.
Do not use around the eyes, mouth and areas where you have had certain beauty treatments.
Do not use in the thyroid gland.
Do not use for too long in one place, but apply evenly over the entire face.
Before using metal, remove metal objects from your body like clockwork glasses.


Do not leave the device unattended during switching on.
Do not use in a high temperature environment.
Do not repair or open the device yourself.
Do not use or switch on the device while charging. Before charging, make sure that the cables and the base are undamaged and in good condition to prevent electric shock.
Do not use the appliance after falling to the ground if the appliance has been damaged.
Keep the appliance away from fire and flammable objects.
Note: If you are not sure whether you can use the device, contact us or contact your beautician or specialist.

Technical specification:

Product weight and dimensions: 205g, 175x20x52mm
Working environment: 0-35 ° C
Power supply (power input and output: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, DV-5V, 1A
Power: 2.2W
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Ultrasound frequency: 25,000 Hz-30,000 Hz
Wavelength blue light: 465 ± 3nm red light: 650nm ± 3nm
Waterproof device: IPX5