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Ultrasonic spatula with stainless steel head. BeautyBiowave Ultrasonic spatula generates ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 24 thousand pulses per second, which in contact with the skin act to the depth of the pores and thoroughly clean it. The device is gentle on the skin and its use is safe and painless. More


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This innovative skin spatula works with up to 24kHz ultrasonic frequency. In addition, it generates ions, blue light and microcurrent.

BeautyBiowave is a high-quality skin spatula, suitable for cleansing the skin, but also for applying products to the skin. We have it available in white and black.


  • ultrasound 24,000Hz per second,
  • ions - galvanotherapy (positive ions cleanse the skin and negative ions support better absorption of cosmetics),
  • bio blue light 465nm reduces inflammation on the skin and kills e.g. acne bacteria.

Skin cleansing:

  • An excellent device for deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Use quality cleansing gels such as Devee Clear Skin cleansing gel, which is suitable for ultrasonic skin cleansing.
  • For skin cleansing, you can choose from two modules: Continuous deep skin cleansing with ultrasonic waves, or Deep skin cleansing with high intensity.

Skin lifting and sonophoresis:

  • An excellent module for tightening the skin.
  • Use quality skin serums based on either hyaluronic acid or peptides.
  • For skin lifting, you can choose from two modules: Lift up module or sonophoresis module.

How to set individual modules?

1. Switch on the device by pressing the button. The device is in standby mode - ready to use. On the device: ultra, clean and nutrition.

2. Press the button a second time to start the cleaning mode: Continuous Wave Deep Cleaning - lights up ultra on the device.

3. Press the button a third time and the lifting mode starts: Lift up mode - lights up ultra on the device.

4. Press the button a fourth time and the deep cleaning mode will start: High level deep cleansing - clean on the device is lit.

5. Press the button five times and the sonophoresis mode starts: Sonophoresis module - nutrition lights up on the device.