BeautyBiowave Ultrasonic gel for skin devices for wrinkles 250g

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Ultrasonic gel, which is extremely suitable for galvanic, microcurrent and ultrasonic skin devices for wrinkles 250g More

Beauty Biowave ultrasound gel

This unique gel will help you increase the effects of a cosmetic treatment with the help of an iron.

Content 250g

Explanation of the principle

Beauty salons use various technologies to incorporate hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin. They use, for example, ultrasound, galvanic current, micro-needling with a pen, etc. In the home conditions, skin irons are used - galvanic, microcurrent, ultrasonic and photon. With regular use, you will achieve the same effects when you visit a beauty salon once a month as with an iron, which you will use regularly 2-3 times a week in combination with quality hyaluron gel. Quality Hyaluron gel Devee and Wellmaxx contains hyaluronic acid, which we need to incorporate into the skin. First you need to open the pores - by steaming the skin + using a skin iron in cleansing mode. The pores open nicely. Subsequently, a concentrated hyaluron preparation (gel, serum, concentrate in ampoules) is applied, which is beautifully absorbed through the open pores. It is individual for everyone, when the skin is very "thirsty", so use more. To get it deeper, it's time for BeautyBiowave ultrasound gel! Apply this conductive gel, use the skin iron in NUTRITION mode and work the absorbed hyaluronic concentrate even deeper. The preparation enters deeper layers as shown by the orange arrow in the figure.

Beauty Biowave conductive gel does not contain hyaluronic acid - it would be a great pity to mix it with a conductive gel into one preparation. This conductive gel is used to improve the conductivity of the skin so that the skin irons are in good contact with the skin, thus achieving a better effect of the cosmetic device.