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We present you a novelty 2020. Micro-current skin skin device with RF, EMS, sonic massage and photons - Skin treatment in the comfort of home was never that easy. More

Manufacturer: BeautyBiowave Product code: RF2

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BeautyBiowave Micro-current skin device


  • EMS + electroporation (EMS program)
    RF + mesoporation (RF program)
  • sonic massage (NURSE program) 7000 per minute (sonic means fast vibrations)
  • red, green, blue light (PHOTON program)

Possible combinations:

Combination 1: EMS, RF and at the same time NURSE (massage)

Combination 2: EMS, RF and at the same time PHOTON of your choice (photon therapy)

Microcurrent skin devices (EMS, microcurrent, microcurrent waves) - microcurrent causes muscle contraction, thereby stimulating the skin and muscle cells. The microcurrent pulse also acts as an electric micro-needle. There is an increased production of collagen. Microcurrent waves pass through the layers of skin to the muscles of the face, stimulating the skin cells that are responsible for the production of key proteins, collagen and elastin, but at the same time contraction strengthens the muscular structures of the face. Microcurrent irons are used with conductive gels or hyaluronic gels.

Long-term effects: less wrinkles and firmer skin

Technical specification:

Source: AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Light wavelengths: 415nm (blue), 525nm (green), 630nm (red)

Product weight and dimensions: 159g, 185x52x30mm

Power: 3W

The radiofrequency skin device uses low-energy radiation to heat a deep layer of skin called the dermis. This heat stimulates collagen production and thus helps to improve wrinkles and sagging skin.

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