Devices for health

Health devices

Your health is important to us. Here you will find devices for prevention, treatment, diagnostics and various analyzes. We have been working in the field of health since 2008. We participate in exhibitions and congresses and regularly bring new information in the field of treatment and prevention of diseases. We cooperate with manufacturers of medical devices and we try to bring news from the world to the Slovak market that works and helps in solving health problems.

Traditional Chinese medicine

We believe in the power of Western medicine, but we also believe in Chinese traditional medicine and have their justification and contribution. Sometimes combining different methods is more effective than just one method. Here you will find, for example, acupuncture devices that stimulate organs and trigger detoxification through a system of meridians and acupuncture points.


Ayurveda is a natural medicine that originated in India. It is also called the "Science of Life" and originated 5,000 years ago. It also has its application in the world in the treatment of many diseases. Ayurveda mainly believes in the power of prevention through the creation of harmony of body, soul and mind. In Ayurveda, mainly herbs such as curcumin, artemisinin, etc. have their application.

Bioquant NS

We also believe that prevention is fundamental. Prevention of diseases is to have a healthy body and related blood. When the blood is OK, it means that all the conditions in the body work as they should, so the other organs, tissues and cells are fine. When something happens in the body, it first affects the blood. If we have a disease, the doctor will take blood and the blood can be used to diagnose what the disease might be. Therefore, almost every single problem is related to blood. For the adjustment of blood rheology, we offer you the medical device Bioquant, which has already helped approx. 40,000 people worldwide.

Here you will also find other interesting devices such as magnetotherapy, devices based on millimeter waves, mineral mattresses, acupuncture devices, devices for improving hair growth or for improving eyesight.