Biolamps are devices that belong to phototherapy (photon therapy or light therapy). For centuries, people have been treated with light because it has specific properties. There are several biolamps on the market from halogen, and LED or laser biolamps.

Biolamp effects

Each color resp. the filter has a specific wavelength and differs in the depth of penetration into the tissues. Red light penetrates the deepest and is therefore intended for the treatment of inflammation, for example. Blue light penetrates the shallowest and is therefore used, for example, to treat acne. An exception, however, is the infrared light, which you will find in the Stimlight biolamp and is intended for irradiating knees, bones and deeper tissues. This light is not visible, but it can be felt as a gentle warming.

Biolamps comparison

Biolamp prices vary. It is not true that the more expensive, the more efficient. In our company, we compared biolamps from many manufacturers.

If you choose from a halogen biolamp, Medilight biolamps are comparably similar in power and light output. It depends on the customer you choose. Even the degree of polarization is very similar above 99 percent. They have the option of purchasing accessories such as a stand and color therapy.

If you choose from LED bio lamps, Stimlight has more power than Sinoriko LEDs and has more colors, including infrared. However, the Sinoriko LED is a biolamp handy for handbags and for travel. With Sinoriko LED you only have red light and with Stimlight you have 5 different heads.

If we compare laser devices, Waistcare (combines both LED light and laser light), Kneecare knee pain (also combines LED light and laser light) and Sundom devices clearly win for low back pain. The Sinoriko laser biolamp does not achieve as much performance as Sundom, but it is sufficient for home use and treatment of pain, inflammation and injuries. Sundom is a professional laser device for the treatment of pain with a power of 500mW and Sinoriko has a power of 5mW. However, the price is significantly higher for Sundom than for the Sinoriko laser biolamp.

Biolamps price

With many parameters, price is what customers are most interested in.

Yalong Trade s.r.o. is a Slovak manufacturer of medical devices and manufactures, for example, the Bioquant laser device. Yalong Trade s.r.o. tried to design and produce a LED biolamp Stimlight with 4 colors and an extra infrared head, so that the price is set so that the biolamp can afford afforded retirees who need it. Therefore, the price is lower. In addition to 4 colors, it has an infrared head, which penetrates deeply and is also suitable for irradiation, for example, projection of organs. It is the best-selling and cheapest LED biolamp from the LED category.

Raycome has been manufacturing medical devices for many years. They produce high-quality pressure gauges, as well as laser painkillers. Their Sundom laser device has the highest performance of all biolamps, it is not classified as a biolamp, but among a laser medical device for the treatment of pain of various kinds and origins. Its performance is the highest of all devices, but it is also the most expensive in terms of price.

Biolamps use

Each color is specific and use it according to the health problem you want to solve. If you are unable to decide which biolamp to choose, contact us and we will be happy to advise you. You can find a more comprehensive breakdown of colors and their use in various applications on this link.

Biolamps reviews

We will be happy if you provide us with a review after purchasing the device. This will help other people to make easier decisions. We thank you.

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